Crafting & creativity with leather workshop

Crafting & creativity with leather workshop

leather craft workshop singapore

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The workshop helps to introduce new techniques or to promote the product developed by using the own way of skills, exposed to the general audience. It was the challenged one to get unique ideas based on leather craft workshop singapore   It makes the perfect platform for the person who is going to achieve and learn something.

Workshop types:

  • Face facing interview- one to one discussed the project.
  • Particular group- selective group
  • Workshop conducting through a webinar
  • Online workshop.

Plan for the workshop?

  • Identify the correct value of the promotion
  • Follow up the topics
  • Planning and processing should be overlooked by the demonstrator.
  • The correct audience should be identified.
  • Identify whether the topics should be already in the field or not.
  • Don’t deliver the irrelevant topic.
  • Rehearsal should be very important to be a demonstration.
  • Ask feedback from, the audience.
  • Deliverance should be very clear.

What is leather?

Leather is created by animal skins or cattle. It is very durable and flexible. It should be dying and coloring for future use.

It helps to make use of

  • Belts and shoes
  • Bags, accessories, clothing, and furniture
  • Automobile parts

In the present century, use to animal skin is a crime for making leather. Animal health care (PETA) filing a case to stop the harassment of animals.

  • Colouring and dying are very important in leather making.
  • Many artificial types of leather are used to market products in the market. It is preserved by enzymes, acrylic, and chemicals.
  • Various chemical products are used to softening and conditioning the leather from environmental issues.

        Leather is considered as a luxurious product in personal use. It is durable and also a fashion accessory. leather product made in all stretches and sizes. It is a very durable product in the market. There are three processes available in manufacturing

  • Preparatory process
  • Tanning process
  • Crusting process

Oil is used for the shining purpose.

leather craft workshop singapore

For shrinkage, the chemical is used.

Leather can be grading into two stages:

  • Top grain
  • Split leathers

Percentage of leather

65% – cattle

13% – sheep

11%- goats

10%- pigs

  • Horse leathers are high in durability.
  • Strong and flexible leather from Kangaroo.
  • Motorcycle leathers are made of a kangaroo.
  • Another made of kangaroo leathers is Boxing speed bags, soccer footwear, and falconry jesses Ostrich leathers are cost and more flexible. It gives different finishes. Stingray is another leather used in belts, bags, and wallets. Its durability is high. Fish leather also has very high durability because of the criss-cross.

Workshop in Singapore

  • Atelier lodge one of the famous academy for leather making. It was founded in 2013 in Singapore. They teach stitching and cutting pro classes for the beginners. It mainly focused on the hand based cutting. Stitching also focuses on the hand stitching. Apart from they taught teamwork and team building.

Crane is one of the academies for conducting workshops in Singapore. They conducted a group workshop apart from leather they taught mixed product workshops. The main aim of crafting is to increase the vegetable tanned leather products in the market value because it’s nontoxic to both animals and humans. In this, no animals and reptiles should not be harmed in the environment. Handmade leathers are taught in this academy.