Lottery Options You Would Love to Go for Now

Lottery Options You Would Love to Go for Now


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After seeing how to play lotto football, discover our tips on how to win lotto football. There are two types of Lotoรวย players: those who will fill their grids with feeling and bet a lot on luck and those who will work their techniques and strategies in order to try, one day, to touch the jackpot.

Research dating

The first thing to do before filling out your Loto Foot grid is to go fishing for information on each match on the list. On the statistics side, look at the history between the teams, the form, the stake, and the results at home away. Once this work is done, consult the list of absent injured, suspended. The forfeit of a major player can have an influence on the team’s game and completely change the course of an encounter. To have this kind of information, read the specialized press, or do your research on the internet. Do not hesitate to consult the club forums. You will get valuable information.


Watch as many meetings as possible

When betting on a team, it is important to know its level, its tactics, its style of play, its qualities and its faults. The best way to find out about this is to watch as many meetings as possible. If you do not have access to the pay channels or if you simply do not have the time, then consult the summary of meetings on sites like the team. You can also watch specialized programs which offer you a summary sometimes too brief of each League 1 match.

Place your doubles and triples wisely

It is very complicated to touch the jackpot without having placed any double or triple. Certain meetings, very indecisive, will inspire you very little. You will have a hard time deciding. In this case, do not hesitate to triple by checking the three possible results. If a meeting leaves you undecided between two exits, then place a double. Be careful however to manage your budget well. By checking several double or triple, the cost of a grid can very quickly increase.

Play together to reduce your stakes

To place a serious Loto Foot grid, which has a minimum chance of touching the jackpot, you will need to count at least $ 100. With this budget, you can place 3 triples and 2 doubles or 5 doubles and 1 triple 96 $.To hit the jackpot, you have to be patient, play regularly and know how to accept the losing Loto Foot series.

Playing 100 $ every weekend without having immediate results can quickly discourage you. The best thing to do then is to regroup to reduce your stakes. Playing with friends will also allow you to share your research work but also to multiply information.

Don’t be swayed by anyone

Before placing their Loto Foot, some players get the famous Loto Foot Magazine every week. This newspaper costs $ 2 and comes out every Wednesday. If he can provide you with “expert” advice and valuable statistics, his interest is very limited. Indeed, you will not have the last-minute information on the teams.

In addition, the forecasts of the “experts” are very often poor. It must be said that it is very difficult to disclose winning forecasts several days before the start of an event. In addition, it is former players or journalists who give you their bets and not experts in sports betting. However, do not hesitate to compare your ideas with those of other players without allowing yourself to be influenced.