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New era of health care system

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In this new digital way of the health care system, there is an important process to maintain the records of the patients in a digital format. Normally we need to maintain means we use manual format but now it is developed into cloud storage, so that is very difficult to emerge as data which should not be read or write by other people. So we use an important method called medical billing and coding.

We have many companies to do this type of work like Fortis Medical Billing  is one of the companies. They were working for a big hospital to do the billing of patients, save their medical records for the future purpose they use different coding methods to save their records, and store that as cloud storage.

Fortis Medical Billing

These companies would maintain the patient’s record for years, not for a single purpose and they also process the claims of the patients, if they took health insurance in a company or the insurance processed by the government. This way they support the insurance companies to maintain the record.

This should be maintained purposefully as coding that no one should identify or theft the records because medical records are very important in doing medical crimes so it should be digitally safe for handling and maintaining. There are much outsourced companies doing as a business and selling this record to a medical mafia for money. The government is preventing this technology to be safe in hands of a good company. These types of crime are occurring in the metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. where the people would rush to a group of private hospitals for some small diseases to some big critical problems. These hospitals are also involved in medical crimes like billing too much for a small problem and changing the medical report to create fear inside the patients and giving wrong suggestions. Hence people should be aware of this technology and hospitals.

The process of medical billing is listed here:

  1. Registration- In the hospitals, they first register the patient details in the system digitally or manually in a form to identify any previous records in the system that were found and the patient is completely new to this hospital. They see what kind of treatment is required and what is diagnosed for that patient. They also maintain which doctor attended that patient and how many days he is in observation. This record should be clear without any errors for that they use specific software.
  2. Visitors registration- hospitals also record the visitors who come to visit the patients and which relationship they belong to the patient. This will help the hospitals to know the patient better and also to prevent the crime happening in the hospital. They also ask for the things which they brought inside the hospital to give to the patients because outside food other than hospitals is not allowed inside the hospital campus. Hospital organization provides food for their patients as diet food.
  3. Claim processing- the main work for this system is to do settle the claim of a patient if they have health insurance they will help claim the insurance amount and close the bill amount from the company.