Salvator Mundi Painting – A Comprehensive Knowhow

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Salvator Mundi, as we all know it is a famous painting of the Jesus Christ painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1500 for Louis of France which has been kept in consort, Anne of Brittany.  The picture shows wearing “”>renaissance dress, crystalline transparent ball on the left hand and right hand raised with two finger pointing upside. Salvator is a savior in Latin, which tells Christ is the savior of the world, and the crystal ball represents heaven.

History of the Salvator Mundi

The painting painted by Leonardo for Louis of France in 1500, and later it has been gone to the England “”>Henrietta Maria, and it has remained in the Queens Palace of England. The painting has kept in the palace until the long period of time, but after a particular time, it has disappeared from all records until it was brought by a British collector. The painting was damaged, so it needed restoration.

Restore of Salvator Mundi: The painting was damaged, so it need restore, but after restore it was overpainted, and so it was looking like a copied painting. The consortium took the responsibility of the picture as it is the masterpiece by da Vinci, they had to restore it with less messy and decent like the original. The restoration procedure for the Leonardo painting is impossible, as it is a masterpiece so before touching it one has to study in deep about the picture, and one should know the da Vinci’s expertise as well. They had to spend the next few years getting  the painting reinstated  at “”>New York University. Martin Kemp helped in authenticate work of the art; he was very excited to work on the world’s leading Leonardo experts, he said that he knew after viewing the picture that it was the work of Leonardo. Kemp studied in depth with a focus on all the aspects of the Leonardo painting before working on the restore process. He has painted all the thumbs, the hair part, the crystal orbit, eye shades and face with the help of the other versions of the Salvator Mundi.

Once the restoration is was done correctly, the painting is held in an auction of Christie in New York City, where it is purchased by the Saudi prince for $450million in 2017. The picture became the world’s most expensive one. Abu Dhabi completed all the formality to unveil the painting bot two weeks prior to the entire exhibition got canceled for some reason or the other. The painting has been missing during that period of time, and nobody either knows its location.

This is the masterpiece of Leonardo’s collection. In the auction of Christie in New York, co-chairman said that this is the most critical old masterpiece by the Leonardo to be sold in auction in my lifetime. This is the only painting of Leonardo which has been kept in the national gallery blockbuster exhibition in 2011.

salvator mundi painting

Referred to the Leonardo da Vinci’s salvator mundi painting is the only known and masterpiece, less than twenty other well-known works by da Vinci are held in museums around the world, including the “”>Mona Lisa and “”>The Last Supper.

Detailing of the restoration: in the painting, over cleaning has been done of the face and entire picture. The left eye is visible marks that Leonardo made to softening the flesh with the heel of his hand.