Two Different and Easy Ways for Repeat Patterns

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Repeat patterns are the most effortless designs which can be created by anyone with some essential elements. The creation of this design is just like performing some clever craft works at home. There are many ways to learn the steps and there are many different ways to create it. There is no need to freak out for doing such an easy job though you do not have the drawing skills. Many people use computer applications and software for creating repeat pattern design , and some use the handy steps. There have come many innovations in the steps to make it simpler than the rigid one.

It is not a big deal, and the steps can be chosen as per your skill. This article gives you two different and easy ways to create repeat patterns. The first way will be suitable for people with some knowledge of drawing which can perform easily. The next method will be ideal for people who do not have the skill to draw images and designs. Both ways are natural and do not require any distinctive elements.

Guidelines for Sketching People:

repeat pattern design

The first way is straightforward and involves five easy steps. One has to take a plain sheet of paper and draw the desired pattern. The size of the article can be 8.5 * 11 for better handy usage. The drawing can be made it pencil roughly for the first time and then can be in pen. The picture must be done only in the middle of the page. One should not touch the edges of the paper. The next step is to cut the paper vertically into two halves.

Then the papers must be flipped and fixed again with the tape. The tapping must, in the back of the designed paper. This process of cutting and tapping must be continued still on the other side. After this, the drawing process starts; after cutting, flipping, and tapping, you will get the image on the outer edges. Now, it is time to draw and cover the empty spaces in the middle paper only. Once the drawing is finished in the middle, your repeated pattern design is over. The next work is to color it and use it.

Guidelines for Tracing People:

The second way is known as a trace and transfer technique. In this technique, one can easily trace the drawing pattern without making more effort. This will be very easy as one should take a tracing paper and fix it over the image. Start discovering and then transfer it into the template of squares. The square model must be filled first in the left corner with the traced image. Then flip it, and it will display the image in eth second column and the again flip it. Flip the template until the image appears in all the squares. Now you can erase the lines in the model, which is drawn for just the flipping process. Then you can start your coloring process and do decorations in it. This will add value to the created pattern. Thus it is easier than the first way.