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A romanian newspaper ziarul unirea

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A  romanian newspaper ziarul unirea


Elena din Ardeal and particle Pop-Reteganul numbered among its prose fiction contributors. In 1899, a study on the works of Andrei Mureșanu appeared; additionally, a review of Saint George poetry was revealed a similar year. Verses by Emperor of Rome Goga, Lucian Blaga, Iustin Ilieșiu, and Teodor Murășanu all ran within the newspaper’s pages. Referred to ziarulunirea.ro .

The translations it featured embrace François-René First State Chateaubriand’s Atala, poems by Friedrich Wilhelm Weber,, and ironic prose from French, Italian, Spanish, and English literature. Shortly before its death, it revealed documents concerning the King Michael Coup.In reference to ziarulunirea.ro.

British newspapers


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On 7 November 1665, The London Gazette (at first called The Oxford Gazette) began publication. It decisively changed the look of English news printing, echoing the coranto format of two columns, a clear title, and a clear date. It was published twice a week. Other English papers started to publish three times a week, and later the first daily papers emerged.

The newspapers typically included short articles, ephemeral topics, some illustrations,, and service articles (classifieds). They were often written by multiple authors, although the authors’ identities were often obscured. They began to contain some advertisements,