Choosing the best learning Of Life for The Best Results

Choosing the best learning Of Life for The Best Results

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In this article, you will discover a proven methodology for achieving its objectives. PDF Bonus: that shows you how to apply these quick step points to reach your 2020 goals. From the life coach Vancouver you can now have the smartest solutions in every way now.

Pay the entry ticket

It’s not the sexiest part, but the success of your goals is already played out here. Whatever the project, it will come with its share of sacrifices. Sometimes these are small concessions to make. Other times, the big side must be accepted but it’s crucial to understand what your goal entails.


When you are aware of the “hidden side” of your objective AND that you accept it:

  • You don’t give up at the first obstacle
  • You give yourself the best chance of success.

2 examples:

Preparing for a 10-kilometer race takes effort and sweat. You will have to put on your sneakers several times a week, endure the impacts on the ground and the aches. Developing a business network involves going to entrepreneurs’ meetings or conferences frequently. You will have to talk to a lot of people, create a link, and keep in touch. Are you comfortable with others?

These are the kinds of things you would expect. To avoid telling you about salads:

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down all the answers that come to you to these two questions:

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“I know that my goal involves [such actions] even if [constraints].”

“I potentially risk [being or having or doing] to reach it.”


My preparation for my 10 km involves going for a run even if I am not motivated, that it is cold, that I would prefer to wallow in front of the TV. I risk having aches and blisters on my feet, needing to buy a new pair of running shoes, freeing myself for an hour 3 times a week for my jogging, following a precise training plan, modifying my diet. Once all of your answers have been noted down, answer the following question without tongue in cheek: Am I ready to do everything it takes to reach my goal?

Two possibilities:

The answer is a resounding yes? Go for it. The answer is no? You can always consider it later when you are ready to pay the entrance ticket. But for now, choose another goal.

Aim for exciting goals

That is to say neither be too easy to reach nor unrealistic. An objective that is too accessible or boring to die does not make you want to be executed. But you aim too high and you will have the jitters to get started. So try to position your goal in between. How do you know if you are targeting the stimulating objective zone?

It’s simple: Think about your goal.

Do you feel like you are jumping into the unknown? Do you feel a touch of discomfort when you imagine yourself doing it? If so, then you’re right.

Example: learning to swim is a leap into the unknown. Despite the presence of the lifeguard, it is stressful, even a little scary at first. You risk drinking the cup, struggling, sometimes feeling runny. But even in these confusing moments, your progress and one thing is sure, that shortly, you will be able to swim properly.