How to Choose a Men’s Vest of Any Type

How to Choose a Men’s Vest of Any Type

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Men’s Vests can compose a variety of looks, increasing diversity in men’s clothing and giving a touch of fashion and tendency to those who have always been afraid and exaggerate when dressing. You may also find the gilet urbain homme now.

Being able to leave the look more modern than usual, the Men’s Vests can be worn with plaid shirt giving a more stripped look and not leaving the shirt as basic. This piece so beloved by women in the winter season came to be embraced by men in many ways and many have endorsed the way to differentiate male production, the way to go beyond a basic look.

There are several types of men’s vests:

  • A classic for a three-piece suit
  • In freestyle denim, leather, knitted

Let’s talk about how to choose each type of men’s vests, in more detail.

How to Choose a Classic Men’s Vest

Wearing classic vests in this country is not common. To make your choice easier, here are some quick tips. In the classic version, the vest is included in the package for a double-breasted jacket. If your costume sold without a vest, it is best not to experiment on your own.

Classic vests come in two types:

On the back there is a lining the same as on the jacket with which it is worn, on the front part it is denser. The neckline of such vests is very small – strictly under the tie.

It is easy to recognize such a vest not only by the absence of a back (it is replaced by a narrow harness with an elastic band or a strap on the waistline), but also by a deep neckline.

Remember: an open black vest should not be worn with a black bow-tie and dress coat this is the uniform of waiters. As a solemn option, you should choose a white vest and a white bow tie.

By tradition, the vest is worn with suspenders, but without a belt. However, today a classic vest is a necessary attribute of the wardrobe of many fashionistas who easily change the rules to their liking, so wearing a vest with a belt is not uncommon in our time.

How to Choose a Men’s Vest in a Free Style

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This group includes jeans and leather vests, as well as the dream of all Soviet engineers a knitted vest. It’s easy to choose such a thing: take what you like and wear it with pleasure: for that, the style is called free. The only rule: do not neglect the quality: denim should be dense, genuine leather, and the threads from which the vest is knitted should consist of wool at least 85 percent.

How to Choose a Warmed Men’s Vest

To choose a men’s vest with warm filling, you need to decide what is warm or style in the first place for you? If the practical qualities of the vest are in the first place for you, then pay attention to:

  • The shape of the collar (it should reliably protect you from the cool wind)
  • Filler quality
  • Shape of cuts for the hands (too deep cuts will cause colds).

If the insulated vest is just a fashionable item for you, then choose simply relying on your taste.