Know how to plan and design glass extensions

Know how to plan and design glass extensions

glass extensions

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If you wish to schedule a glazed extension to your house, expert advice will help you in achieving your goals. The glass extensions are not merely a building option, instead is the statement of your home. When you search for extension ideas, glass extension is the best among the contemporary options available.

When considering the transformation of the house, glass extensions are the best option followed by many advantages, along with increasing its value. It seems to be complicated when compared to traditional extension options.


You are supposed to make design considerations to implement this project successfully. Planning permission needs to be taken before inserting this option in your construction. You can go with your choice of design ideas. If are not a pro and cannot afford to waste money in investing in the lousy decision, then better go with the information of an interior designer. You would be assured of being aware enough of all the possibilities. You are supposed to employ an expert tradesperson for the installation.


Complying with the building regulations and considering the planning details are the foremost aspect, which is to be taken into account. Planning details is going to include planning permission. Next comes the consultation with an architect. All these are to be kept ready before moving on to the design of the extension.


There are online resources which are giving cost estimation of glass extension, once you let them know the area of the house. Coming to the cost aspect, it is a bit high than the conventional methods, but it is worth it. When a glass extension is being used, then you need to compensate that area somehow. Usage of high specification glass and the structural solutions elsewhere in the house would come along with raised budget. If you are not building using glass extensions more solid or with high specifications, you may need a thermal consultant. Even the structural engineer and architect would demand more as the work involved in glass extensions is more complicated.


glass extensions

Transfer of heat is more through glass than conventional solid construction. This feature ultimately demands tremendous thermal efficiency of the building. Glare and solar heat are the minor problems and have a solution of blinds installation to get some shade offering you more coziness.

Depending on their requirement, one has to approach a glass extension company. A glass structure which is merely acting as a connection is simple, whereas erecting load-bearing glass beams made totally of glass demands a high degree of specialism. This is a complex process that involves a high degree of specialist design detailing.


These glass extensions increase the value as it adds on to the beauty of the building.

The appealing factor of an utterly glazed extension can never be undermined.

The glazed panel is the most sought-after feature as it is maximizing natural light inflow into the home. It allows the flooding of the light throughout.

These can be used as connectors in between regular styles or can be added a feature to the existing form.