Knowing green teas a little better

Knowing green teas a little better

green tea for weightloss

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The ground powder of specifically grown green tea leaves than finely ground to make a special kind of tea that is the drunk world over. There is refined way of making this particular tea which is divided into two aspects of tea process which includes the growing of such kind of tea plants and then processing them with extra efforts than the regular tea plantations. These plants have to be shade grown before they are harvested for four weeks. Here the stems and the veins of the plant aren’t retained when the processing begins. The need to provide shade just before harvest is to assist the production of theanine a chemical element and reduce the caffeine content in the extraction process.

green tea for weightloss

The matcha green tea is consumed in different forms, and the tea is also made in different ways too. Choosing the form you want to consume green tea for weightloss such as

  • Powdered form
  • Tea leaves
  • Tea bags

The powdered form is brewed differently as compared to the tea leaves and the tea bags which you would have to suspend it over water and milk. These are famously consumed in many south Asian countries especially Japan which has a long tradition for serving tea with a special ceremony for tea drinking which is followed like a ritual and uses very high-grade matcha. The matcha tea has been used to bring in the tea flavor to other dishes and even dye the foods with green tea color. The foods that use it are

  • Mochi and soba noodles
  • Ice cream
  • Lattes
  • Wagashi confectionery

The different blends of matcha have unique names which are either inspired by the

  • Tea Plantation
  • The shop is sold
  • The creator of the blend
  • Or even the grandmaster of the tea tradition depending on the lineage of the master.

How it all began

In ancient times, the matcha tea was steamed and made into the shape of bricks which helped in storing them easily as well as trade purposes. This preparation was a staple for the rituals for Zen Buddhists which has elaborate tea rituals. During the different dynasties, the making of the tea differed. The upper strata of the society took to the taste of the matcha tea. The recent generation has come to know the health benefits the tea has to offer. It is now the need of today’s health-conscious fad that is sweeping across all countries to adopt healthy lifestyle changes and one among them is switching to green tea.

The color of this kind of tea is kind of endearing as opposed to all kinds that you have previously drunk over the years, the bright green color to which is ground is what it sets it apart from other kinds of green tea that are available in the market. The most common practice of making this green tea is whisking it hot water and sipping it with pure joy. You aren’t burdened by the caffeine anymore but the pure pleasure of drinking something beneficial to health.