The Restaurants You Cants Forget

The Restaurants You Cants Forget

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A well thought out and designed restaurant leaflet is much more than just a few sheets of paper that accompany the menu. When everything is well done, the gastronomic leaflet can be a reflection of the brand and quality that your restaurant has to offer.

Your restaurant leaflet can influence what your customers make decisions before they even consider browsing the menu, and this sometimes means it can be the main driver of your restaurant’s profit. If you’re thinking about making a restaurant leaflet for your restaurant, or maybe even rebuilding your existing leaflet, here are some tips to help you design a great leaflet in a short amount of time. Also, don’t forget about here.

Remember your target group

Understanding the recipients is the first and most important stage in designing a restaurant leaflet. Once you have a better understanding of your target audience, you can start thinking about the style of the leaflet.

If you know that, for example, your restaurant mainly attracts families, each leaflet design should not only appeal to parents, but also to their children. This ensures that customers of all ages can understand your message and refer to it. The same principle also applies to exclusive restaurants that are attractive to older or richer crowds.

Meet your customers

Assuming that your restaurant has not yet opened, you should be able to choose a random time frame and observe the type of customers visiting you:

  • Who appears?
  • What time do your customers visit you more often?
  • Are they mainly older or younger?

All this little information will help you better visualize your restaurant.

Use your online presence to your advantage.

If you have a social media profile, send a survey with the promise of a free dessert or discount for people who complete the form. Depending on the questions you ask, this strategy can teach you a lot about clients and observers you didn’t know before.

Your competition is your best friend

Look who your competition provides services for and how. Are there any gaps that your restaurant can fill? For example, did you find out that 50% of your city’s population is over 60 years old and your competition is doing nothing about it? Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Be faithful to yourself

You’ve worked hard to create your restaurant brand, too much work not to remain loyal to it now. When creating a restaurant leaflet, make sure it matches the brand you built. This applies not only to your leaflet but to any advertising and marketing message produced by your restaurant. Your advertising materials should be marketing consistent with your assumptions.

This is not only important for graphics but also may be more important when it comes to text and maintaining a consistent style. For example, if you run a Japanese restaurant, you should not write chicken dumplings but instead chicken, which further strengthens your brand and immerses your customers in your identity, remaining authentic for the origin of the restaurant.

Don’t complicate

Your leaflet should show only the best dishes that your restaurant offers. Long restaurant leaflets are more confusing than just informing. And if your customers want to have more choices, they will find more suggestions on the restaurant menu. By providing your customers with the best food, you ultimately make it easier for them to make decisions. The rule is that a restaurant leaflet should have no more than 2 pages and complement the menu, not replace it.