Types of fibers for making rugs

Types of fibers for making rugs

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People do not their house with plain floor and the want carpets that can bring a luxurious and good look to their house. They can decorate with rugs their house by installing various kinds of rugs in each room. People can check out these deals  so that they can choose the right type of rugs for each room in the house.  The rugs are made up of different fibers and the cost of the rugs depends on the fibers used. Here are the details of each fiber.


Wool is very popular and easily available fiber, which are used in making rugs. The fiber is durable and the rugs made from it can last long, as maintenance is easy. Replacement of the rugs is not needed frequently as the shine does not fade with time. The shape of the wool is in the form of string, which helps on retaining the shape of the fiber. The organic coating on the wool helps in repelling stains and water. If a stain is found on the rugs, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water.


Cotton rugs are durable and less expensive in comparison to the wool rugs. Cotton rugs have the property of absorbing allergens so the residents having allergy problems will be relieved. If the cotton is blended with wool, it will enhance the life of the rugs and can be purchased at a reasonable price. Cotton fiber can be easily dyed and various designs and patterns can be made on them. Cleaning of these rugs is very easy as they can be washed with soap and water.


This is also a very popular material whose fibers can be used to make the rugs. It is available at an affordable price and is high in demand. There is a tropical plant of jute from which the fibers are extracted. These strong fibers are used to make rugs, mats, bags, and many other things. The fiber is not resistant to mildew and water so these should be used in such places that are free from moisture. The rugs can e cleaned with water and soap. Vacuum cleaning can also be done occasionally.


Hemp grass is used to extract the fibers that are used to make hemp rugs. This grass is mostly found in China. The reeds extracted from the hemp are thick and smooth. Soft and flexible rugs can be made from hemp. The fiber can be blended with other fibers in order to bring various kinds of designs in the rugs. The rugs require minimu8m maintenance as they are resistant to dirt and stains. Moisture is the enemy of hemp rugs so, in order to prevent mold and mildew, the rugs should not be installed in such places where there is moisture.

Wrapping up

These are some of the fibers, which are used to make rugs. Some of them are durable while some are inexpensive. People should choose the rugs as per their requirement and budget.