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A private server faces many issues such as ping, lag, jitter, and rubber banding. Rubber banding is the major issue that maximum players come across while they are playing games online. This is the irritating thing that particularly occurs with the mu online servers . This is the term that refers to the sudden action of the player due to the lag or ping when they are playing with a team. This frequently happens in the frame per second or the comparable game in which countless people play in a multiplayer server. This type of problem generally occurs in MMOs. Countless players make the increased level of rubber banding; whether the player has the increased ping or may be due to the server error.

As soon as the rubber banding starts, the player will be drawn back to the initial phase when they encountered some actions. The player feels like they have been stuck in the rubber banding by analyzing the thrown back to the beginning stage and also the character also appears to be teleported or changed from one location to another. Particularly when the player is in an important stage of the game, rubber banding becomes the most irritable part for them. As it spoils the total game they are playing. This will create them to be defeated in the game.

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Rubber banding and traceroute

You are walloping from the opponent and getting to shoot them. After that for a few seconds, your character suddenly comes in front of the opponent and that’s it. You will be shot and killed by your enemy instead of you killing them. This is the cause of the rubber band effect. Your performance will be shown as a different part of the other players. You only know that is the result of rubber banding but your opponent or enemy will feel it as you are simply motionless or idle. This occurs generally for the players who are already experiencing the lagging problem. It is the confusing state in the game and it removes the happiness and the fun associated with the game.

Next to rubber banding let us discuss the traceroute. This is used to route the data via the server among the user and the MU online server. It helps the user to view and measure the traffic route representing the user the entire gateway or the stage throughout the path. To have your mu online server connection, the data will go through the numerous stages to gather it from your system to the online private server. These data will be transferred from the different networks to be acquired from the user to the online game server. The term round trip time is used to represent the traceroute connection history of the user. The traceroute displays the points gather when the user’s connection knocks it out as it transfers among the user and the online server. To have a better knowledge of the traffic of the internet that occurs between the user and the mu online server, the traceroute has to be used. A typical traceroute is usually a little visual which shows the list of the stages in the text format together with the latency among the points.