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Know how to plan and design glass extensions

If you wish to schedule a glazed extension to your house, expert advice will help you in achieving your goals. The glass extensions are not merely a building option, instead is the statement of your home. When you search for extension ideas, glass extension is the best among the contemporary options available.

When considering the transformation of the house, glass extensions are the best option followed by many advantages, along with increasing its value. It seems to be complicated when compared to traditional extension options.


You are supposed to make design considerations to implement this project successfully. Planning permission needs to be taken before inserting this option in your construction. You can go with your choice of design ideas. If are not a pro and cannot afford to waste money in investing in the lousy decision, then better go with the information of an interior designer. You would be assured of being aware enough of all the possibilities. You are supposed to employ an expert tradesperson for the installation.


Complying with the building regulations and considering the planning details are the foremost aspect, which is to be taken into account. Planning details is going to include planning permission. Next comes the consultation with

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Salvator Mundi Painting – A Comprehensive Knowhow

Salvator Mundi, as we all know it is a famous painting of the Jesus Christ painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1500 for Louis of France which has been kept in consort, Anne of Brittany.  The picture shows wearing “”renaissance dress, crystalline transparent ball on the left hand and right hand raised with two finger pointing upside. Salvator is a savior in Latin, which tells Christ is the savior of the world, and the crystal ball represents heaven.

History of the Salvator Mundi

The painting painted by Leonardo for Louis of France in 1500, and later it has been gone to the England “”Henrietta Maria, and it has remained in the Queens Palace of England. The painting has kept in the palace until the long period of time, but after a particular time, it has disappeared from all records until it was brought by a British collector. The painting was damaged, so it needed restoration.

Restore of Salvator Mundi: The painting was damaged, so it need restore, but after restore it was overpainted, and so it was looking like a copied painting. The consortium took the responsibility of the picture as it is the masterpiece by da Vinci, they had to restore

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