The plan of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen was reduced, reuse and to recycle the clothes

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In the time of the environment, the biggest issue was the quick fashion. It was the biggest issue when fast fashion comes into the atmosphere. The environmental damage has come to the fashion industry only because of the fast fashion. The donation program was the idea of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen. The Donation program idea was very good for the peoples.

Donating program of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen 

Online shopping is changing

Donating program was nothing, but it was an idea through the reduce, reuse and recycle. It means that people are using more dresses regularly. For the year nearly millions of the clothes were thrown away. It was the approximate value only, but almost more than that were wasting. Online shopping is changing . That old clothes are collected together and reused as new clothes by the idea of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen. It was one of the great ideas.

What profit for the people who give their old clothes?

  • The people got benefit who gives their old clothes. They will get the online gift voucher. Through that, they can purchase new clothes for a discount. Instead of wasting the clothes, give it to recycle, and they will also get more benefits like buying in online shopping. The people who used their dress for the six months they can give that their old clothes and get the coupon for the old clothes and again spend the voucher through online shopping. It will continue to reduce the buying of clothes and reuse clothes and recycle clothes. And also, the process will keep going ongoing. It has never ended in the Michael Ginnerskov Jensen concept of donating program.
  • Donating program has stopped the fast fashion.
  • At the starting time of donating concept, the fast fashion market has completely down because of the ideas of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen’s donating program concept. This donating program concept was Affected by the fast fashion industry completely. At that time, the fast fashion industry ended in losses due to Michael Ginnerskov Jensen’s ideas. This will be heavy in the fast fashion industry. All fast fashion company are very angry about the views of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen concept. But it was wonderful for all people. If it was used and shared, the clothes were amazing.
  • What impress the people to go with Michael Ginnerskov Jensen’s online shopping
  • By giving the old ones and get the worthy gift voucher of your old products and buy the new developments in the Michael Ginnerskov Jensen online shopping centre. It impressed me to give and bring back the same worth and purchasing the original from the online store that what we like. Nowadays, online shopping has more apps like Flipkart and Amazon and many more, etc..…. In this generation, we are getting very closer to online marketing and online shopping. The most of our all peoples are get started to buying the products online. The business shops are getting down because of online shopping. Old generation people don’t know how to purchase and how to sell through the online.