What Kind of House Renovation You Need now

What Kind of House Renovation You Need now

rénovation maison

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Major renovations convey with a change of destination. To carry out major renovations, certain goods are to be preferred. Old offices, for example, offer large open-plan shelves that can be very versatile in terms of layout. Transforming a commercial space into a loft can be very interesting but requires real precautions when changing destinations. With the rénovation maison you can find the best deals now.

The elevations

rénovation maison

Faced with the housing shortage, the trend is vertical now in Paris. It is even with the greening of the roofs, one of Mrs. Hidalgo’s two great workhorses. Take advantage if you have the appetite, there are “shots to play”. Take an interest in buildings with “hollow teeth” which allow you to imagine an elevation. In some cases, the co-owners will be able to see a project of this type with a good eye because it does not hurt a priori anyone, reduces the common charges and provides the co-owners with a significant financial sum corresponding to the right of elevation. The rules of town planning become more flexible every year to facilitate this new market.

The renovation of a multi-family building

If you like projects that are out of place, that you have good friends like you with a taste for risk, a taste for work and serious resources, do the right thing. Treat yourself to a large industrial building and redesign it with the help of an architect in several lofts or custom apartments. You will make a good deal, financially speaking, and with a little luck, you will even keep your friends.

The caretaker’s lodges

We don’t often think about it, they even have a bad reputation, but the caretakers’ lodges are ideal for renovations, especially because of their high ceilings. Renovated, a lodge can become a pleasant apartment on the ground floor.

Buildings built between the 50s and 80s. Often, this is one of the types of architecture that is eliminated first. However, think again, the architecture of the time means that the load-bearing walls are on the surrounding walls or around the stairwell and not inside the property itself. In other words, total freedom of de-compartmentalization in the apartment. A beautiful location, a beautiful view “well bought” with a beautiful restructuring can give very nice surprises.

The couple

There too, building a suplex allows you to gain considerably in surface area. On the other hand, beware of the risks of humidity, especially in the center of Paris with the proximity of the Seine, it is necessary to set up a good ventilation system. The light must also be studied, but more and more effective solutions exist to bring light. Be realistic nonetheless: the suplexes even made brighter do not sell very well. So don’t buy expensive.

The houses to enlarge

There, a big advantage, no problem of co-ownership, you are the only one to own your property normally. If you can extend your property with a veranda or even build an extension on several floors, you will be the big winner. Just check that the Local Planning Plan authorizes it.

Learn to pilot a work project effectively

The idea here is to always have a foot in the works even when you have them done by a service provider. Keep in mind that this is a project that needs to be piloted all the way to ensure its success.